Ricky Miller

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Greetings! I'm Ricky, a polyglot software developer currently living in Toronto, ON. Canada.

For the past several years I've been building interactive web applications with React, Redux and Node.js (JavaScript).

I've also written programs in Python, Bash, Rust and PHP. I tend to work on the front-end, but I'm no stranger to testing and automation. I've also used Electron to build cross platform desktop applications.


intelmoonmojiretrorecordemoji pickerandroid drag and dropaudio visualizer

Open Source

I've contributed to several open source projects on GitHub, most notably, Hyper, Beaker Browser, winamp2-js, and stdweb.


In my spare time I enjoy teaching others how to write software. Along with some friends, I started the Toronto chapter of Nodeschool, a monthly meetup focused on JavaScript and Node.js.

Senior JavaScript Developer at :Resolver

Nov 2018 - new Date()

As a JavaScript developer I am responsible for maintaining the main risk incident management software products. The front-end application is written in React and the back-end API is written with HapiJS. On any given day I can be found patching bugs/UI regression, writting database migrations, updating tooling to improve developer experience or adding more tests to improve software quality.

Senior Front-end Developer at NowSecure

Jul 2015 - Apr 2018

As a front-end developer I created several applications focused on mobile application security testing. I was responsible for creating all components in the user interfaces. I worked closely with other developers to ensure the front-end played nicely with the API it was built on top of. Feel free to watch a demo video of Lab Automated.

The most substantial contribution I made was refactoring the applications and rebuilding them with React.

Senior Web Developer at OneMethod

Sep 2014 - Jul 2015

I worked as a Full-stack developer on several micro sites for large brands. I built and maintained websites with Angular 1 and Backbone JavaScript libraries. I was focused on the optimization of build tools and work flow.

The most substantial contribution I made was introducing automated functional testing (Selenium).

Web Developer at MetaLab

Apr 2014 - Sep 2014

I worked on Walmart’s (walmart.com) shopping cart checkout experience styling markup and writing JavaScript. I collaborated with a giant team of committers (400+) on a large Node.js code base. Other projects included building static websites built with Middleman.

Web Developer at High Road Communications

Nov 2010 - Jul 2013

I developed user interfaces involved in large scale PR initiatives and was responsible for the creation of several interactive experiences for a variety large scale brands. I mostly created projects that integrated with social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

android drag and drop

Android Drag & Drop

A proof-of-concept electron app for sending files to your android device's /sdcard/

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audio visualizer 1
audio visualizer 2

Web Audio Visualizer

Audio visualizer built with HTML5 web audio API

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emoji picker

Emoji Picker

Vanilla JavaScript emoji picker that replaces the basecamp emoji string, e.g. :dog: in a text input with the unicode character equivalant, e.g. 🐶. This uses native (in browser, no bundling!) supported ES6 modules, so you may need to enable that in order for it to work. A similar feature exists in the popular cloud-based team collaboration tool Slack.

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intel preview
intel screen 1
intel screen 2
intel screen 3
intel screen 4

Nowsecure INTEL

“NowSecure INTEL continuously monitors the Apple App Store and Google Play store to automatically perform in-depth static, dynamic and behavioral security analysis of new and updated 3rd-party apps on real iOS and Android devices.”

I built/maintained the front-end of this application for NowSecure using react, webpack and ES6.



Return an emoji representing the current moon phase.

The main goal of this was to have the emoji display in a shell. This can be accomplished by adding the script to your PS1 export in your .bash_prompt or similar.

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street fighter


An application to post screenshots/record video games from my raspberry pi (RetroPie) to twitter. I originally wrote this app in JavaScript and then ported it using Rust for better performance.

Each tweet interacts with various image bot accounts that respond with altered or "glitched" versions of the original content. Here's are some examples:

doom glitch
megaman glitch

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