Name: Ricky Miller

Maker/Baker/Noodler of INTERNET. I also bike, climb & swim. You can usually find me being silly on Twitter, but you can also email me or /msg rmill on freenode IRC.

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I am a web developer with over 7 years experience building products for a variety of clients. I've picked up a few skills along the way.

Professional Experience

Onemethod [ 9/14 - present ]

Web Developer
  • Contributed to many full-stack applications built using a variety of platforms
  • Heavily focused on the optimization of build tools and work flow
  • Introduced automated functional testing (selenium)

Metalab [ 4/14 - 8/14 ]

Web Developer (contract)
  • Contributed to a large-scale Node.js enterprise app
  • Iterated on multiple UI design challenges
  • Worked collaboratively with people across Canada and the United States

High Road Communications, Ottawa ON [ 11/10 - 7/13 ]

Web Developer
  • Developed user interfaces involved in nation-wide PR initiatives
  • Responsible for the execution and delivery of interactive experiences
  • Created applications integrated with several social media services

BIONIQ, Ottawa ON [ 02/09 – 11/09 ]

Web Developer
  • Translated design documents into comprehensive user interfaces
  • Helped fine tune buggy open source CMS, e-commerce and point-of-sale systems (Magento)
  • Introduced modern approaches to development which improved overall product


Through my experiences with various agencies, organizations and individuals I've been fortunate to have worked with the following people:


front end

Excellent knowledge of HTML(5), CSS, Java$cript (including, but not limited to libraries and MVC frameworks: jQuery, BackBone.js, Ember.js and Angular). Data Structures (XML, JSON) and Flash/ActionScript. Experience creating RealTime toys with Three.js and Socket.io

back end

Excellent knowledge of Node.js and NPM. Experience with PHP (including, but not limited to frameworks: CakePHP, CodeIgniter and Zend.) Extensive knowledge of PHP content management systems: Wordpress, ExpressionEngine, Drupal and Joomla. Familiarity with Python and frameworks such as Flask and Django.


Experience with MYSQL, .NET/SQL, NOSQL: Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB


Knowledge and experience integrating with a variety of external APIs, in particular: Twitter, Facebook/Instagram, Google Maps and Youtube

revision control

Excellent knowledge of version control systems: Visual SourceSafe, SVN, and GIT (preferred).


Experience running servers on both windows and *nix (preferred) platforms. Experience with Apache and Nginx (preferred). Very good at Cloud.

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