Ricky Miller

+1 613 6188322 • hello@ricky.codesGitHubTwitter

Greetings! I'm Ricky, a polygot software developer currently living in Toronto, ON. Canada.

For the past several years I've been building interactive web applications with
React, Redux and Node.js.

I've also written programs in Python, Bash, Rust, PHP, and JavaScript. I tend to work on the front-end, but I'm no stranger to testing and automation. I've also used Electron to build cross platform desktop applications.

Open Source

I've contributed to many open source projects on GitHub, most notably:
Hyper, Beaker Browser, winamp2-js, and stdweb.


In my spare time I enjoy teaching others how to write software. Along with some friends, I started the Toronto chapter of Nodeschool, a monthy meetup focused on JavaScript and Node.js.